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Mar 24, 2021

LEVERAGE Rewards is able to tailor a specific rewards program for each credit union to ensure your specific rewards program goals are achieved, because when it comes to rewards, it’s not “one size fits all.”

With LEVERAGE Rewards, your credit union's rewards program can easily tie in with your LEVERAGE Payment Solutions because LEVERAGE Payment Solutions goal is to deliver all your credit union needs related to debit, credit, chargeback, gift card, rewards, and ATM solutions.

“A solid selling point is that LEVERAGE Rewards can be a white label program. This means the cardholders are empowered with the knowledge of exactly who is rewarding them. The card holders will be given a website where they can check and know it’s the credit union versus a ‘big box name’ rewards site,” explains Lindsey Cole, LEVERAGE’s Chief Operating Officer. “Another part of LEVERAGE Rewards is we offer a local merchant gift card programs to help support businesses important to credit unions and their members. This is a great way to deepen small business relationships while supporting local economies. Credit unions are rooted in this kind of support.”

LEVERAGE Rewards designs, consults and administers customized loyalty rewards solutions that create profitable portfolio momentum for credit unions.

Credit Union Objectives

  • • Drive revenue
  • • Create and retain profitable relationships
  • • Enhance account holder experience
  • • Increase transaction volume
  • • Add value to engage account holders
  • • Segment, motivate and change behavior

Rewards Solutions

  • • Customized to the credit union needs.
  • • Comprehensive analytics and reward program reporting
  • • Turn-key implementation and ongoing program support


  • • Cost-effective rewards program
  • • Cost Per Point (CPP) customized based on the credit unions needs

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